Spa Amenities

Spa & Locker Room

An innovative fusion of spa and wellness, the SALT Health Spa is designed to bring health and restoration to all who enter. Both the Men’s and Women’s Locker rooms are equipped with towels, robes, and luxury beauty products. SALT Health Members can enjoy the unlimited spa amenities at their convenience. Spa hours, Mon-Fri 6 am – 6 pm; and Saturday 8 am – noon.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas use infrared light waves to directly heat the body versus traditional saunas using wood stoves that heat the ambient air around the body. Scientific studies suggest a wide array of benefits such as reducing inflammation, normalizing blood pressure, increasing athletic endurance and treating heart disease.

Steam Sauna

Used throughout the world for detoxification, stress relief, and increased blood circulation, SALT Health Members will enjoy the relaxing benefits of the steam sauna.

Cold Plunge Shower

The routine of following heat therapy with a cold dip has been practiced in Finland for thousands of years. Even celebrities like Tony Robbins swear by the invigorating benefits such as faster recovery, lower anxiety, and better focus.

Eucalyptus Inhalation Room

Relax and refresh in this technology-free zone, filled with the soothing aroma of essential oils. Use this peaceful room for prayer, meditation, and relaxation.


Meet Tracy Lawhon

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Licensed Massage Therapist

Tracy loves what she does. “Being able to help people when they come in with a problem and seeing the pain on their face — then when they leave you can just see their relaxation. All that stress and anxiety goes away.”


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