Advanced Genomic Reports

Advanced Genomic Reports


Unlock Your Genetic Code for Optimal Health with IntellxxDNA

Understanding your genomic profile is invaluable in making informed health and wellness decisions that can significantly affect your future quality of life. IntellxxDNA offers advanced insights into your genetic code, empowering you with actionable information to optimize your health.


Comprehensive Genetic Insights

IntellxxDNA offers comprehensive insights into your genetic makeup, helping us identify health risks and benefits tailored to your unique genetic profile. From inflammation and susceptibility to various diseases to personalized strategies for diet, lifestyle, and medical care, IntellxxDNA equips you with actionable information for better health outcomes.

Personalized Care

Our experienced team, trained in functional medicine uses your IntellxxDNA results as a foundation for personalized care. We tailor health strategies, including diet plans, lifestyle adjustments, supplement recommendations, and medication considerations, to align with your genetic predispositions and optimize your well-being.


Meet Dr. Herbst and the SALT Health Team

Leaders in Medical-Genomics and Nutrigenomics

Dr. Aunna C. Herbst, DO, is a renowned expert in medical-genomics and nutrigenomics. With her astounding success in interpreting IntellxxDNA results and 15+ years of experience in functional medicine, Dr. Herbst is at the forefront of leveraging genetic insights for personalized healthcare.

Individuals find these insights transformative and have an enlightened understanding of their genetic makeup that guides their health decisions for life.

Choose Your Package

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Medical Overview

  • Dive deep into your genetic makeup with 300 gene variants and 20 personalized panels, providing a comprehensive understanding of your overall health profile.


  • Uncover insights into your neurological well-being with the Neurodevelopmental package, including assessments for Mental Wellness, ASD, and PANDAS/PANS.

Executive Package

  • Elevate your health strategy with the Executive Package, combining the Medical Overview and Brain Optimization Reports. With 500 gene variants and 40+ personalized panels, this comprehensive package offers detailed insights into your overall health and brain function.

Powerhouse Plus

  • Experience the ultimate in genetic profiling with the Powerhouse Plus package, integrating the Medical Overview, Brain Optimization, and Neurodevelopmental Report. With assessments for Mental Wellness, ASD, and PANDAS/PANS, along with 300+ gene variants and personalized panels, this package provides unparalleled insights into your health and well-being.

Three-Step Plan

Step 1:

Purchase or Schedule Your Free Consultation

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Step 2:

Meet Our Team and Receive Your Testing Kit

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Step 3:

Review Your Results with Our Team

After completing your IntellxxDNA test, schedule a follow-up appointment to review your results and discuss personalized health strategies.