Long wait times, limited appointments, expensive co-pays and deductibles, and lack of personalized care are just a few of the problems patients experience in traditional healthcare. The whole process leaves you feeling frustrated and not valued. No one deserves to be a victim of the “system.” Our team of professionals understand the need for a fresh approach to each individual’s healthcare needs.

How do we do this? By approaching care as an integrated and functional experience. We are a member-only facility that provides upgraded healthcare by offering exclusive access to a team of physicians and health amenities for a transformative health experience. We take complex healthcare and make it simple by having a direct, one-on-one relationship between our physicians and our members. Members receive elite access to their healthcare professionals for an affordable membership fee (and no co-pays!), because, after all, life isn’t a 9-to-5 experience.

Exclusive Member Benefits


Customized training and exercise routines.


A personalized approach to dieting and lifestyle management.

Salt health

Primary Care Clinic

Elite access to your SALT Health physician
Physical Trainers
Massage Therapists
SALT Health Fitness Center
SALT Health Spa

Physcial Trainers

Health is empowered by finding stability between mental and physical health.


Recharge and restore your body, mind and spirit.


SALT Health offers a multitude of services for an integrated approach to health and wellness:

  •  Primary care physician 
  •  Spa, sauna, and massage therapy — recharge and restore your body, mind and spirit.
  •  Gym with experienced trainers — receive customized training and exercise routines.
  •  Exercise and other wellness classes — empower your health by finding stability between mental and physical health.
  •  Dietitians and nutritionists — develop a personalized plan for diet and lifestyle management.

Our desire is to create an atmosphere — and the care that goes along with it — that empowers all who walk through our doors. From head to toe, we look at your body as a whole and approach your treatment accordingly.

Client Testimonials

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salt health doctors note

Hello! My name is Dr. Aunna Herbst, and I am a medical doctor by training. I once was a patient who felt frustrated and misunderstood while seeking the solution I needed through traditional healthcare. Lifestyle changes, perseverance and looking for a root cause were the answers for me. On my journey I regained my health and so much more. I am excited to announce that I am the Chief Medical Officer at SALT Health; I am thrilled to work alongside a team of excellent, highly-skilled healthcare providers to offer an unmatched, innovative, and a first-class direct primary medical experience.

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