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What is Direct Primary Care (DPC), and how is SALT Health different from my traditional family doctor?

DPC is a membership-based model for healthcare. Members pay a flat, monthly rate to receive high-quality, comprehensive healthcare. While celebrities and the uber-rich have always had their physician on speed-dial, the average American needing to see a doctor can expect scheduling difficulties, long wait-times, and an unsatisfying 7 minute doctor visit. DPC changes all that by cutting out the third-party payers (government and for-profit insurance carriers) and creates a direct relationship between the physician and the patient. The DPC model has even been endorsed recently by The American Academy of Family Physicians.

As a SALT Health member, you are able to develop a relationship with not only your physician, but also your dietician, massage therapist and physical trainer. Your team of SALT healthcare professionals are passionate about working together to coordinate your care and help you achieve your health and wellness goals! With a SALT Health Membership, you get to bypass the red tape and frustration of traditional healthcare clinics and urgent cares. Members have elite access to their healthcare team, along with after hours access to fitness center and luxurious spa with steam and infrared sauna.

Does SALT Health accept health insurance?

No. When a doctor bills a patient’s insurance, they are forced to justify their prescribed treatment and submit an itemized list of every medical service provided. If traditional clinics and urgent care don’t do this with every insurance claim, they don’t get paid. This creates a LOT of red tapes and labor-intensive documentation for the average physician. It takes away precious time and resources from what should be the focus of all healthcare services – YOU!

By eliminating third-party payers (government and for-profit insurance carriers) SALT Health physicians have the freedom to provide care in the best interest of our members. That means your SALT Health physician is available to answer your phone calls, texts, and emails and won’t be bogged down with the worries of getting reimbursed by insurance. SALT Health members get unlimited care for one at a lowly monthly price. SALT Health membership fees cover all primary care needs including physicals, preventative tests, diagnosing you when you’re sick, prescribing medicines, in-office procedures and services such as basic labs, x-ray imaging, and EKG testing.

Click here to see all the benefits of a SALT Health Membership.

Can I pay a membership to the SALT Health fitness facilities and spa, but not the physician clinic?

No. The SALT Health physicians, dieticians, physical trainers, and massage therapists work as a team with each member towards meeting individualized fitness and wellness goals. Day passes to the spa and fitness center facilities can be purchased for short-term guests.

What will my membership include?

Membership is limited to allow the SALT Health Team to provide the best possible service. Once membership capacity is reached, interested individuals can join the waitlist and join as membership openings become available.

SALT Health is distinct from competitors by providing exceptional quality care and attentive service. Membership benefits include:

  • Comprehensive primary care medical services.

  • Elite access to SALT Health physicians through on-site visits, phone calls, text, email, or virtual visits.

  • Common office procedures and services included, such as woman exams, breathing assessments, minor dermatology and small wound closure.

  • Routine lab tests, X-ray imaging and EKG testing.

  • “Member Only” health and wellness seminars

  • Dietitian and nutrition: Our registered dietitians collaborate with our medical team to provide you with personalized services at member- discounted prices.

  • Personal training sessions: Our team of physical trainers will be available on-site to direct workouts or create individualized strength training plans at member discounted rates.

  • Spa facilities: Infrared sauna, steam room, cold plunge shower and inhalation/aromatherapy room.

  • Annual health assessment including basic lab diagnostic testing.

  • Premier fitness center with instructor led classes.

  • Cardio and strength training equipment

  • Massage therapy: Our team of certified massage therapists will be available on-site to provide massage therapy at member-discounted rates.

  • Exquisite locker rooms with elite personal necessities provided by SALT Health (i.e. robes, slippers, shaving accessories, etc.)

  • Premium supplements and vitamins available at member-discounted rates.

What is Functional Medicine, and how is it incorporated into SALT Health?

Functional medicine is an integrative approach to health and wellness through individualized, science-based analysis that compliments traditional medicine. To put it simply, physicians who have additional training in functional medicine look for the root cause of an illness in a person, and then address the whole person, not the isolated symptoms.

SALT Health founder, Dr. Herbst describes her work:

“We look for root cause and then we restore balance. When we identify the root issues then we treat them with traditional medicine, diet and lifestyle modifications. If you can identify the malfunction, then you can open up that pathway and support it. Applying those principles clinically with my patients has been profound in their outcomes.”

SALT Health offers a Comprehensive Functional Medicine Package for members who have not found successful treatment or relief of symptoms for their health concerns. Read more under our “Services, Functional Medine”

Do I have to be a member to access services at SALT Health?

Yes, SALT Health is a members-only facility. However, One Day Passes may be purchased to access the SALT Health Fitness Center & Spa.

Is my membership fee covered by insurance?

Some Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) will cover all or a portion of the SALT Health fees. Please consult with your employer or health insurance representative for details.

What if I need x-rays or labs?

Basic labs and x-rays are included in your SALT Health Membership as prescribed. Should you need more advanced diagnostics, your SALT Health physician will be able to coordinate a referral to a qualified lab or imaging center, and traditional insurance coverage may apply.

What if I need a CT Scan, MRI, or other in-depth testing?

SALT Health physicians have a large referral network of imaging centers and hospitals for advanced diagnostics. Traditional insurance will cover the associated costs, and discounted prices are also available.

What if I need to see a specialist or have to stay in the hospital?

SALT Health physicians work with an extensive network of medical professionals and hospitals for referrals and coordination of care. Your SALT Health team will always be available to guide you in meeting your wellness and recovery goals. Traditional insurance covers specialists and hospital stays. Discounted pricing is often available.

Will my SALT Health physician take care of me if I’m pregnant?

Your SALT Health physician can coordinate your care and provide primary care services like a strep test or other illness un-related to pregnancy. However, an expectant mother will need to be under the supervision of a qualified women’s health specialist.

What if I need non-emergency medical attention while away from home?

Your SALT Health physician is available by phone call, text, email or video. If for some reason you need to visit an urgent care or hospital while out of town, you could either ask for the discount for paying at the time of service or use your traditional insurance. See further explanation here: “Do I still need insurance…”

Do I still need insurance if I am a SALT Health Member?

As a SALT Health Member, the majority of your healthcare is included in your membership and will be taken care of by the SALT Health Team. However, YES, we advise all members of the importance of having health insurance for catastrophic care. This would include things like specialty diagnosis, hospital treatment coverage, and emergency coverage while traveling.

There are flexible options a person or family could use to lower their monthly costs while still upgrading their healthcare with SALT Health.

One example would be for a SALT Health Member to move their insurance plan to a “high deductible” plan. This will lower the monthly premium, saving you money! Members will take advantage of their SALT Health membership for all primary care needs including urgent care. Trips to the emergency room will only be necessary in true emergencies, such as a heart attack, car wreck, etc.