Our Mission

To continually simplify and upgrade the healthcare experience, empowering each individual to achieve optimal health.

Our Vision

We will be recognized as a positive disruptor to the healthcare industry, rebuilding trust between individuals and care providers.

  • SALT Health delivers proactive, preventive care instead of "sick care".
  • Unprecedented access to a team of health professionals (in-person and through the use of technology).
  • Personalized treatment plans, instead of mass produced therapies promoted by medical schools and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Transparent pricing, empowering the individual to make decisions.
  • Creating a true accountability system for individuals seeking a real partner on their journey to optimal health.
  • Opening eyes to the idea that “Health is the new Wealth” — your time and your health are precious things, worthy of your investment.

Our Branding

Live Life Healthy — People are frustrated and feel lost in the current healthcare system. SALT Health provides exceptional medical, spa, and fitness experiences. SALT Health is a place of healing, preservation, and pampering.

Our Values

  • Grateful — we are thankful to God for calling and equipping us, and to our members, employees, partners, and community for the opportunity to work together.
  • Empowering — we put our members at the center of everything we do to enrich their lives and empower them to achieve their optimal health.
  • Excellence — our goal is always excellence, to use our energy, our attitude, and our skills to actively deliver excellence in quality of care and member experiences.
  • Innovative — we champion creativity, thinking and doing things differently as the vital spark to disrupt healthcare.