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We all know the traditional health insurance model because we deal with it every day. When a doctor bills a patient’s insurance, they are forced to justify their prescribed treatment. If traditional clinics and urgent care don’t do this with every insurance claim, they don’t get paid. Period. Instead of thinking of an approach that will actually lead to “long-term” wellness, doctors are forced to choose short-term solutions that will lead to quick pay-outs to their patients and the clinics themselves. The bandages keep piling on, but the root of the problem is rarely treated.

SALT Health has incorporated a membership-based healthcare model. By eliminating third-party payers (government and for-profit insurance carriers), SALT Health physicians have the freedom to provide care in the best interest of our members. SALT Health physicians are available to answer your phone calls, texts, and emails and won’t be bogged down with the worries of getting reimbursed by insurance. SALT Health members get elite care for one low monthly price.

Finding that they can deliver value-based care that leads to better patient outcomes, many Functional Medicine practitioners, like Dr. Aunna Herbst, choose the direct primary care model. When third-party payers are eliminated, unnecessary hurdles like pre-authorization are not required, giving the providers the ability to personalize treatment plans for each individual. Have more questions? Check out our FAQS or contact us.

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SALT Health Membership benefits include:

  • Comprehensive primary care medical services
  • Elite access to SALT Health physicians through on-site visits, phone calls, text, email, or video conferencing
  • Urgent Care visits
  • VIP access (guaranteed contact with a physician within 24 hours of request)
  • “Member Only” health and wellness seminars
  • SALT Health Adventure Center- space designed to delight and entertain children while members utilize the facility
  • Dietitian and nutrition education: Our team of registered dietitians collaborate with physicians to educate members on the impact of diet and nutrition
  • Annual health assessment including basic lab diagnostic testing
  • Personal training sessions: Our team of physical trainers will be available on-site to direct workouts or create individualized strength training plans at member discounted rates
  • Spa facilities: Infrared sauna, steam room, cold plunge shower and inhalation/aromatherapy room
  • Cardio equipment and strength training
  • Classes led by SALT Health fitness coaches
  • Massage therapy: Our team of certified massage therapists will be available on-site to provide massage therapy at member discounted rates
  • Exquisite locker rooms with elite personal necessities provided by SALT Health (i.e. robes, slippers, shaving accessories, etc.)
  • Premium supplements and vitamins available at member-discounted rates


Join Members in Northwest Arkansas who receive personalized treatment plans vs. mass produced therapies promoted by medical schools and pharmaceutical companies. SALT Health membership includes access to a comprehensive concierge approach only seen in cities like Dallas, LA and St. Louis. 

Want to save money? Annual SALT Health Memberships get the $249 registration fee waived!




$249 one time fee


$498 one time fee

(must join at same time)


$249 one time fee


$498 one time fee

*Children must be under 18 years old to qualify for family plan pricing.