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Meet Our Team

As you read about our outstanding health and wellness professionals you will hear our joy in serving members and building meaningful relationships. Our members inspire us every day!

Unlike conventional medicine, which separates the body into segments and treats symptoms of illness and disease, our model is based on a conviction that the mind, body, and spirit of every human is connected, that root causes of illness can be discovered, and that healing and well-being come from the inside out. The ramifications of this foundational truth are far-reaching and life-changing.


Aunna Herbst, D.O.

Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder
I love our team approach and taking time to know our members and seeing people be well.

Jessica Cash

Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder
Our members' success stories thrill me. I love how their lives are changed in both small and big ways.

Jordan Cash

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Our goal is to disrupt the status quo of healthcare delivery so we can get back to prioritizing the health of each individual.

Jacob Ponder

It is a joy working at SALT and feeling immersed by members who are motivated and empowered to author their journey towards ultimate health.
Tim's Image

Tim Hunt

Director of Operations
I enjoy spending time with and listening to our members. I especially enjoy seeing people's lives changed for the better.
Joy Hunt, NASM

Joy Hunt

Sr. Care Coordinator and Physical Trainer, NASM
It's an honor when I can be a part of touching someone's life in a positive way. It can be through being diligent to find the answer to a question, or simply listening so they know I really care.

Timothy Steen

Registered Dietitian
We have the ability to affect positive change in our members, changes that lead to richer lives and a longer healthspan.
Whitney Moore

Whitney Moore

Clinic Manager and Health Coach
I picked an amazing place to work! I am so honored to serve our members at SALT. Helping members achieve their health goals is truly a delight and a passion of mine.
Savannah Cooper

Savannah Cooper

The SALT Health difference is being a member and not being a number.
Jenna Scates

Jenna Scates

Care Coordinator
I don't like to see people hurting. I love that SALT is a place of healing.
Sarah's Imange

Sarah Gilbert

I like that every team member has a servant's heart.

Kristi Matthews

Registered Nurse
Our team at SALT works diligently and purposefully to make your health goals a reality. I am honored to be a part of this team and serve our members. Don't ever forget YOU ARE WORTH IT!