Membership Waitlist FAQs

Why is Membership closed?

The short answer is the secret is out! We have had a rush of new Members who are passionate to Live Life Healthy and we have closed membership to ensure their quality care. The decision reflects SALT Health's goal to approach healthcare differently and to develop relationships and partner with our Members for their optimal health.  

Is there a Waitlist for Membership?

Yes, future Members can join a waitlist to join SALT Health at a later date.  Occasionally, our Members decide to close their membership for various reasons, and this may open opportunities for Future Members to join!  Limited memberships may also become available if additional SALT Health resources and/or providers are added.  Future Members on the waitlist will be added to SALT Health communications to ensure consistent updates are available.  To join the SALT Health Membership waiting list, click here or call a Care Coordinator at 479-715-4645.

What happens if I have to cancel my current Membership and want to rejoin at a later date?

We understand that seasons and situations change.  Per the SALT Health Member Agreement, we ask for a 60-day notification of any Membership cancellation.  If you choose to rejoin at a later date, there will be a reinstatement fee of $199 and you will have to join the Future Member waitlist if Membership is closed.  The most current Membership pricing will apply and is subject to availability.

Will Membership re-open, and will pricing stay the same?

Limited memberships may become available if additional SALT Health resources and/or providers are added.  Future membership structure and pricing may look different than it does for current SALT Health Members.

Will other medical services be accessible to non-Members?

Currently, non-SALT Health Members have access to Dietitian Packages, IntellxxDNA report and BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy.  While SALT Health Membership provides unmatched access to the SALT Health Team, and the most comprehensive primary care, we may offer additional packages, treatments and services for non-Members.  SALT Health Members will always be the first to know about new services and treatments.

Can a non-Member still purchase a Day Pass and spa and fitness services?

Yes!  Spa and Fitness services will still be available for non-Members, including Day Passes, Massage Services, and Esthetician Services.  Please call a Care Coordinator to schedule an appointment.  479-715-4645

Who should I contact for more information, or get a tour?

Please click here to schedule a tour, or call a Care Coordinator at 479-715-4645.  We are here to answer your questions and get you the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.