Sign up to attend the VIP Event at SALT Health, exclusively for Leisurlist friends. SALT Health is NWA’s newest disruptor company with concierge-level health care that rivals any top tier program in the U.S.

You will be among the first to tour our spectacular new 13,000 sq foot building, a showcase for member-only access to physicians, dietitians, personal trainers, care coordination, spa and fitness.

Grab a drink, meet Dr. Herbst and the team, learn about member benefits, introductory offers, get a swag bag, and sign up for gift certificates.

NOTE: Your safety is a priority and we will be adhering to the social distancing guidelines put forth by our Governor.

If you lead a company call Tim Hunt, our Director of Operations to learn about our Employer Solutions, at 479-360-8002, Tim.Hunt@Salt-Health.com


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SALT Health’s approach disrupts the healthcare industry. Each member experiences personalized assessments and treatment plans vs. mass produced therapies promoted by traditional medicine. We exist to continually simplify and upgrade the healthcare experience, empowering each individual to achieve optimal health.