Fitness Center

Whether you’re working out alone or with your personal trainer, the SALT Health Fitness Center is designed with top-of-the-line equipment.

Members will be provided with a personal entry fob to access the Fitness Center between the hours of 5:30am to 10:00pm. The fitness center and locker rooms are open 365 days a year.

Cardio Equipment, Strength Training Machines, and Weight Training Equipment, including free weights, are available to you.

Group Fitness Studio

  • Cardio Machines & Equipment
  • Weight Lifting Machines & Equipment
  • Personal Trainers On Site

Located within the Fitness Center, SALT Health group fitness classes will focus on all elements of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular conditioning, flexibility and balance. The certified instructors will motivate and encourage participants to accomplish your goals.

Children’s Playroom

Equipped with all the latest games, movies, and video games, the Playroom provides a safe space to delight and entertain little ones while Mom & Dad work out. Located in the fitness center, the Playroom has large, visible windows, and is easily accessible.

  • Supervised child care is not provided.


 Director of Fitness, Physical Trainer, NASM

“Words have meaning and names have power,” someone wisely said. You’d be hard pressed to find a truer example than the name and person of SALT Health’s exuberant and exceptional fitness director, Joy Hunt. For Joy, fitness means quality of life and seeing the potential in SALT members.

A Denver, Colorado native, Joy designed and implemented the SALT Health fitness program. She is eminently qualified as the head instructor and holds certifications in water fitness, senior fitness, core strength and personal training. Her certification as a personal trainer is one highly sought by others in the field, a credential she earned from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. “NASM is recognized as one of the best because the program begins at the foundation, then builds strength and then power. It’s
a good foundational growth. That’s really who I am, and I’m going to continue growing and learning” because the science “is consistently learning and growing.”

Indeed, education is a driving force in Joy’s mission and practice. “I believe the individual is worth that education and knowledge. My goal is to get them to a place that they don’t need me. If I can teach them to do things correctly, then they don’t have to be dependent on me. I will always be their cheerleader but I’ll also encourage them with, ‘I want you to take that step because you can, you’re worth it, you’re capable, and I want you to have that feeling of success. I’m going to push you just a little farther than you
think you can go.’”