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Finally, an affordable health benefits option for small business employers.

Salt health Functional Medicine

Are you a small business that would love to offer health benefits to your employees?
Have you priced insurance plans and felt overwhelmed at the cost?
Do you have trouble recruiting and retaining exceptional talent because you don’t offer health benefits?

SALT Health offers Concierge-level Employee Healthcare that Saves You Money and Rivals any Top Tier Healthcare Program in the U.S.

SALT Health Employer Solutions is an alternative to over-priced health plans. We are a direct primary care clinic with elite access to medical care. Membership includes wellness screenings, routine follow-up care, urgent care visits and telemedicine/virtual visits with a board-certified family medicine physician and licensed health professionals. Members also gain access to our fitness center and spa. Your employees will get unprecedented access and VIP treatment for SALT Health medical, fitness and spa for one, low monthly rate.

SALT Health is a truly innovative and elevated health care solution that is perfect for small businesses who want to provide health benefits for significantly less than the cost of an average individual insurance plan.

The SALT Health Difference

The unique SALT Health approach empowers each employee to achieve optimal health. “Health is the New Wealth” is an investment in your employees that will provide ongoing and lasting benefits.

Salt health Functional Medicine

SALT Health is a disruptor to the traditional, broken healthcare system with key differentiating advantages compared to the traditional doctor’s office:

  • SALT Health includes physician, physician-assistant, dietitian, fitness trainer and spa vs. physician-only
  • Our Health care team takes the time necessary to discuss goals and personalize your care vs. an average 7-minute visit
  • Comprehensive care in one stunning spa-quality health facility vs. crowded doctor office
  • Proactive, personalized and preventative care vs. sick care
  • VIP access (in-person or virtual) vs. long wait times for appointments
  • You are empowered to achieve optimal health vs. quick fixes
  • Discounted cash pricing for testing vs. insurance pre-authorizations and red tape

Employers with 20+ Enrolled Employees receive additional benefits:

  • Aggregate data regarding employee health to assist in employer-sponsored health
    coverage decisions
  • Annual health and wellness screenings for all members at no additional cost
  • Biometric screenings that measure risk factors such as Body Mass Index (BMI), cholesterol, blood pressure, stress and nutrition
  • Activity reporting to validate engagement
Salt health Functional Medicine

SALT Health is not an insurance product or provider. As a small business, your monthly expenses associated with employee memberships will be consistent and predictable every single month – regardless of how many times your employees go to the doctor. Instead of submitting claims that increase out-of-pocket expenses, your employees will pay ZERO co-pays, deductibles or premiums for this access.

According to a 2019 Kaiser Family Foundation study, the average annual premium for an employer-sponsored individual health plan was $7,188. At SALT Health, an individual employee will get primary care visits (preventative and sick care), onsite x-rays, fitness center access and spa access for $2,988/yr. Imagine spending less than $2,500/mo for 10 employees to have unprecedented access to care in an environment unlike anything else in NW Arkansas.

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