Corporate Memberships

Salt health Corporate Memberships


SALT Health offers membership options to upgrade the healthcare experience of employees while lowering employer costs. Our team of guides will create a healthcare solution that supplements your existing benefits plan to transform your organization!.
Everyday, we see the benefits of employees who are actively engaged with their primary physician in an integrated health plan and focused on healthy living:

  •  Improved productivity
  •  Reduced workplace injuries
  •  Improved morale
  •  Reduced sick days
  •  Lower health claims (less ER visits, less urgent care visits and reduced cost of care by addressing health issues earlier in disease state)

At SALT Health, our commitment is in making long-term health goals and a healthy lifestyle something that is always within reach. We do this by offering:

  •  Annual wellness screening visits for employees
  •  Basic lab tests and x-ray services on-site at no additional charge
  •  Physical Trainer evaluations to recommend employee-specific training and exercises
  •  Dietitian evaluations to recommend employee-specific diets or nutrition plans
  •  Aggregate data to employers about the health and wellness of employees
  •  Activity reporting to validate employee engagement

If you are interested in seeing how SALT Health can be an added benefit for your employees, please complete the following form so that we can prepare customized membership options for your business.

Corporate Memberships of Salt health