Personalized Medicine Through Genomics

3D illustration. DNA Sanger Sequencing and a Magnifying Glass Showing the DNA Helix.

Are you tired of not understanding how your body really works? You have probably seen commercials for companies that provide DNA test results and ancestry reports… but they don’t tell you the whole story.

IntellxxDNA™ . provides comprehensive, clinical-focused knowledge of health risks and benefits within a person’s genetic make-up. This test is cutting edge and accurate- literally changing the way medicine is practiced. It empowers individuals with actionable, personalized care that can only be achieved through DNA study. Is becoming smarter, faster, stronger actually possible? Yes it is. SALT Health uses IntellxxDNA™ to provide you with a comprehensive report at your fingertips that gives unprecedented insight into your unique genetic make-up. A member of our medical team, directed by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Aunna Herbst, will personally present your DNA report along with findings and a proactive plan that includes:

  • Both the positive and risk genetic variants within your DNA that have the greatest influence on your overall health (often before problems arise)
  • Implications related to your comprehensive health and wellness, i.e., your lifestyle, environment, nutrition, supplements, and medications
  • Recommended next steps, from our root cause, functional medicine perspective

SALT Health gives a three-tiered DNA solution to empower you to achieve optimal health with a personalized plan of action:

Testing: IntellxxDNA™ testing is the most advanced genomic testing available to the public. A simple saliva sample is all that is needed.

Findings: Your test results are analyzed by our medical team, led by Dr. Herbst, one of the few physicians in the country who is certified to interpret the results of IntellxxDNA™.

Plan: You will receive a personalized action plan to align your DNA findings with evidence-based, intervention strategies. Your action plan will also include a one hour consultation with SALT Health Registered Dietitian, Tim Steen to address nutrition in your wellness action plan.


Dr. Herbst has astounding success with medical-genomics and nutrigenomics testing. Using IntellxxDNA™, she works with patients from all over the world who desire to understand their genetic make-up to optimize function and prevent illness.

Our advanced, medical and nutritional genomics testing provides comprehensive, clinicalfocused knowledge of health risks and benefits within your specific genetic make-up. With that information I can individualize an a health plan based on exactly what your DNA tells me. The level of testing empowers our clients with actionable, personalized care.

– Aunna Herbst, DO, IFMCP

SALT Health-Double Helix-Graphic

It is common for some people to wonder… “Knowing risks in my DNA feels scary. Do I really want to know? And if I know, what can I really do about it?”

Your DNA is not your destiny. In fact, understanding your genomic profile empowers you to make intelligent health and wellness choices. Every person is made up of cells and they get their instructions from pieces of DNA called variants. The code written in DNA is the unique recipe that makes you, ‘you’! There is no one DNA that can accurately predict the risk of complicated diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes or obesity. These chronic health conditions occur because of interactions between many genes, along with environmental and nutritional factors. Our medical team will analyze your data and you will have color-coded results in green, yellow and red that display odds ratios. An odds ratio is the likelihood of an individual with a specific variant developing a certain health condition compared to someone who does not have the variant. For example, an odds ratio of 4.22 in the blood clot panel means that you have 4.22 times the risk of developing blood clots compared to someone without the variant. Therefore, this finding would have a red-colored code for your reference and our team will recommend definitive actions to treat this issue. Note: IntellxxDNA™ genomic reporting will analyze over 20,000 variants within your DNA.

“Dr. Herbst has the uncanny ability to connect-the-dots of root causes to create plans that address multiple issues at one time. My quality of life has improved under Dr. Herbst, a brilliant and kind doctor

-Stacy T., patient

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